COSI JBS: Summer 2010

Note: This program is over. This site is the archived record
Everything there is to know about the three JBS Courses, Summer 2010: COSI 152aj Web Application Programming, COSI 153aj Mobile Application Development and COSI 154aj The JBS Incubator.

The Instructors were Tim Hickey, and Pito Salas, and the classroom was Volen 101.

Final Projects

The CS154aj JBS Incubator required students to form in small groups to create both web and mobile app final projects. Here are links to the web projects:

Click here for more info including screen shots and team members.


Much of the content of the course, from the planning stages, the day to day writings and records, and some follow up information is found here.

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The day to day schedule of work, which was developed before the course, and then kept up to date each day. There are lots of detailed lecture notes and links as well.

1: Internet Protocols Refresher: Tue, June 1

2: Web Architecture Concepts: Wed, June 2

3: HTML, CSS, Forms: Thu, June 3

4: Introduction to Rails: Mon, June 7

5: Databases and OR Mapping: Tue, June 8

6: Models: Wed, June 9

7: Views and Controllers: Thu, June 10

8: Persistence, Sessions and State: Mon, June 14

9: 3 Tier, Loadbalancing, Deployment and Scale: Tue, 15th

10: Programmable Web: Wed, June 16th

11: Javascript and Ajax: Thu, June 17th

12: Testing and Quality: Mon, June 21st

13: User Interface: Tue June 22

14: Web App Security: Wed June 23

15: Finale (not FINAL, finale): Thu, June 24th

16: Welcome to COSI 152aj - Mobile App Development: Mon June 28

17: Basic Concepts of the Mobile World: Tue June 29th

18: Conceptual Intro to Android: Wed June 30th

19: Designing the User Interface (Tim) Thu July 1

20: Location and Sensing Tue July 6

21: Android UI Internals - Key Concepts Wed July 7

22: Android Speech and Voice Thu July 8

23. 2D Graphics Fri July 9

24. DB Access and Persistence - Mon July 12

25. Mobile Store/Market - Tue July 13

26. Using Web APIs Wed July 14

27. Market Considerations Thu July 15

28. The Computer Business Mon July 19

29. Open Source Tue July 20

30. Review of Mobile App Development Wed July 21

31. Final Project Demos Mon July 22

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